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55+ Singles Group

The Cunningham 55+ Singles Group was organized in the 1990’s by singles who were looking for somewhere they could gather and socialize with individuals of a similar age. The group continues to this day with a group that enjoys the fellowship of gathering together with the joy of the Lord.


The group meets 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. on the third Friday of each month in the Gathering Place. The time will change if the group plans a potluck lunch


Open to 55+ singles within and outside the Cunningham UMC community


  • Participating in making lunches and preparing notecards for “Bread and Blessings” attendees
  • Writing notecards of encouragement to college students during testing times
  • Participating in “All Blessings Flow” ministry
  • Outings to various activities in the surrounding communities are scheduled throughout the month. Past activities have included making crafts, concerts, live theater, movies, lunches at local restaurants, museums, boat rides, etc.

“When you’re alone, it’s a way to go someplace safe, get acquainted with others and make new friends. “

“This is a great opportunity to be in a group that is fun to be with.”

For more information about the 55+ Singles Group at CUMC, please contact:

Betty Meyer