Let me begin this note with a reminder of Saturday morning's 11:00 am celebration of the life of Bruce Lewis. Most of you never had the opportunity to meet Bruce. He never visited Cunningham. He was someone who devoted his entire adult life to serving his country (through two enlistments in the Army during the Vietnam War) and his community (last year he was honored by the Easton Connecticut Volunteer Fire Department for fifty years of service). He demonstrated the meaning of "love your neighbor." He was an only child, never married, and he never had children, so we became his family during his illness. I hope you can join us to celebrate the life of this Child of God.

This Sunday marks the first Sunday of the Season of Lent. Between now and Easter Sunday, I hope to follow a number of scripture lessons from the Gospel of John to help us prepare for the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This Sunday, we will read the story of the raising of Lazarus, as told in John 11. Jesus proclaims to Martha that He is the "resurrection and the life." So often, we think of "resurrection" as either an historical event or something far off in the future. But Jesus is speaking of the present. Join us this Sunday as we consider what it means for Jesus to offer resurrection to us in the present moments of our lives.

I hope to see you in church!